Data Offloading
The Lumen™ solution for the total management of data offloading between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks

Guglielmo has tackled the limitations of the Wi-Fi protocol in the management of Data Offloading, with a view to creating the prerequisites for the use of Wi-Fi as a complementary tool to the supplying of 3G/4G services in a more efficient manner.
In particular, Guglielmo has developed and patented an algorithm for the management of vertical handovers, i.e. the possibility to switch access, in a transparent manner, to different services, between the 3G/4G networks and Wi-Fi, thereby enabling the user to pass uninterruptedly from service on the Wi-Fi network and viceversa, according to the ABC (Always Best Connected) principle:
  • Real time measurement on both interfaces to connect the best service available
  • Make-Before-Break approach
  • SIM based seamless authentication
  • Delay optimization during authentication process
  • Mitigation of ping-pong phenomenon on the border
Il sistema Lumen