Gateway Guglielmo GL100

The GL100 is a network gateway developed for handling the authentication of devices which have internet access. GL100 has been developed as a perfect client of the LUMEN authentication system of Guglielmo.
The GL100 can be used to authenticate every device, portable or not which has a valid account LUMEN by Guglielmo. It has a sophisticated encoding system based on the use VPN SSL and RADIUS, which guarantees the safety of every connection in according with WISP rules.
The GL100 is a self-installing product. When it is connected to internet it automatically proceeds to users authentication in accordance with the different policies of the service.

Main features
  • Plug and Play device.
  • Connected to internet contact the LUMEN by Guglielmo platform, it doesn't need the on site configuration.
  • Radius client
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP relay
  • NAT (PAT) in LAN and WiFi interface
  • Static routes support
  • MULTIPLE SSID support in bridge on the VLAN
  • Support n. 6 VLAN in according to the standard IEEE 802.1q
  • Users authentication with captive-portal switchable on LAN, WiFi and selectively on the VLAN.
  • Complete management AAA ( Authorization, Authentication and Accounting
  • Automatic redirection to the Multilanguage authentication page in https with valid SSL certificate (not self-generated).
  • Web portal involved in authentication procedures customizable
  • Authentication device on MAC address on remote central
  • Authentication devices using local internal database
  • Creation of tunnel VPN with central platform for service traffic : authentication, monitoring and management
  • White list: list of reachable hosts defined as URL, IP or subnet address
  • Black list: list of unreachable hosts defined as URL or IP address. Potentially different for every point. It is automatically and dynamically updated in centralized way.
  • Internal list of banned devices or not authorized to browse
  • Redirection after authentication to the requested web site or to other web site with configurable URL
  • Bandwidth limiting for user
  • Configurable integrated firewall
  • Reachability from centralized platform by web or SSH, by tunnel VPN
  • SNMP support
  • Proxy HTTP integrated
  • Supported wireless protocols: ac / b / g / n
  • Content filtering applicable to LAN, WiFi networks or if selected to the VLAN present.
  • USB port for connection 3G/4G come back up XDSL or temporary Hot Spots.