Gateway Guglielmo GL250

The GL250 is a network gateway developed to implement the features of the Guglielmo platform on areas with a large number of users.
The GL250 activates a secure connection with the Guglielmo Cloud and performs several functions related to users authentication authorization and accounting (AAA), data collection and business intelligence, network control and IoT services.
Leveraging the resources provided by the GL250, Guglielmo platform is able to provide innovative and advanced services, enabling the hotspot as a platform for a new generation of applications.

Five main software modules on the GL250, working together and connected to the Guglielmo platform, provide advanced types of services.
LUMEN™ module provides extremely flexible services for the hotspot management, such as users authentication and policy enforcement.
Caligoo™ module provides services for Business Intelligence and Network Control, implementing a deep interaction with mobile App or external applications, for advanced services such as automated login procedures, notifications and QoS policy enforcement.
IoT hub module provides connectivity for sensors and actuators and local IoT resources discovery and service consumption.
Fog Computing module The GL250 can also locally provide and control resources such as memory, computing and networking, implementing also a virtualization infrastructure for Virtual Machines or Linux Containers, in order to host other machines or applications, such as Proxy, VPN terminators, Wireless Lan Controllers, etc..., with a local access to resources.
VMware® Module: The GL250 can also provide a virtualization infrastructure, based on VMware ESX 5.5, in order to host other machines such as Proxy, VPN terminators, Wireless Lan Controllers, etc...

Main Features
  • Configurable hardware
  • Up to 500 sumultaneus connected users in normal configuration
  • Expandable in cluster with Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance or High Availability configuration
  • VPN to Guglielmo Cloud
  • Full Support of Layer 2 (switched) or Layer 3 (routed) connectivity to users devices
  • Radius Client
  • Complete management AAA (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting)
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP relay
  • NAT (PAT)
  • Static routes support
  • Support of VLAN and IEEE 802.1q trunk
  • Redirection to customized login portal
  • Management and Authentication traffic on https with valid SSL certificate (not self-generated)
  • White list: list of URLs, IP addresses or subnets reachable before the authentication, dinamically updated
  • Black list: list of unreachable URLs or IP addresses, dynamically updated
  • Internal list of banned devices, not authorized to browse
  • Redirection after authentication to the requested web site or to other web site with configurable URL
  • Bandwidth limiting for user
  • Configurable integrated firewall
  • Content filtering applicable
  • Configurable traffic shaping
  • Centralized platform for Firmware Upgrade
  • Optional VMware ESX 5.5