Internet of things
internet of things

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Internet of things means that is reductive think about the web just to connect people through their personal device.

Once you have at disposal a capillary WiFi network, all the issues about the access got free by many limits we know and every single thing may become a potential Internet client.

Collecting data and its management right through our platform Lumen is the topic of our job, developing application for simplify the life is our goal, fantasy is the limit.

Starting from the experience of connecting thousands of citizens in several locations and public areas in Italy and all over Europe, Guglielmo introduces a new Gateway of the GL Series entirely dedicate to Internet of Things and Smart City applications.

The aim of Guglielmo IoT platform is to allow a seamless, secure, and scalable connectivity to things and people.

The new Gateway is capable to support multiple access networks (WiFi, Ethernet, 3G/LTE, and 802.15.4/ZigBee) and to talk different Application-layer protocols (HTTP, CoAP, and MQTT) in order to connect people (e.g., through their mobile devices) and things at the same time and in the same geographic area.

The IoT-GL node is integrated in a structured, secure and scalable platform to coordinate and manage the authentication procedures and interact with remote Cloud services for data collection, processing and aggregation.


The IoT gateway opens a secure access and communication channel to a plethora of multiple and heterogeneous scenarios ranging from Smart Cities, Smart Home/Building and Metering to Vehicular and Mobility applications.

Through the support of a dynamic Service Discovery and dedicated Cloud Services, the platform will simplify the deployment of new IoT networks and the collection, processing and re-distribution of meaningful information.