LUMEN - Limitless Users Management ENgine

Il sistema Lumen
The LUMEN system

Guglielmo's LUMEN™ (Limitless Users Management Engine) platform was developed to render all the Wi-Fi™ networks interoperable in order to be used by an ever increasing number of users.

The LUMEN™ solution is the structured system developed by Guglielmo, for the creation and complete management of accounts for access to a wireless geographical network.
Each network infrastructure can, in a discretionary manner, be used to provide wireless connectivity to the internet in the most convenient way.

Various Hardware and Software components for remote authentication and mobile access to the network coexist and are integrated in the Lumen system.
Lumen Radius admin console

Access management

Access management and remote authentication are governed by the centralised Lumen™ Radius Servers. Thanks to the Wireless Gateway (GL series) the flow of the packets sent by the clients to the respective authentication server to obtain authorisation for access is coordinated and managed.

The LUMEN platform also includes application software with the capacity to guarantee remarkable flexibility in the management of user access policies.

The Account Maker is the tool designed to create the accounts for access to the service and has been especially developed to meet the primary demands of users in relation to the various types of service.Lumen Radius also makes it possible to limit daily access on the basis of time slots. The use of the accounts can also be linked to the user's device.

LUMEN'S applications and scheduled services enable efficient management of the accesses, controlling the removal of accounts and expired top-ups and generating the respective navigation records in accordance with the legislation in force.

The constant storing of the connection logs also guarantees the historization of the data relative to the use of the entire network managed by LUMEN.


Customisation of the service

Guglielmo's LUMEN™ Web Server makes it possible for users to customise their HotSpot in a number of different ways.

They can redefine the graphic layout of the captive portal or the landing page, also by adding video contents, and this layout adapts dynamically to the device requesting access (PC, Tablet, Smart Phone etc.).

Advanced business intelligence, customer engagement and web marketing services are also available, making it possible to associate the supplying of Wi-Fi with the host location's core products/services, for a totally new approach.

Captive portal
Lumen™ Statistics – Access data statistics, reports and records

The statistics system manages the scheduling of the LUMEN applications in the planned operations.

The statistics system also interacts with our database, storing the information on the connections made by users hooked up to a Wi-Fi network.

It is, moreover, possible to display, directly via the Web, the statistical distribution over time of the connections made in the individual Hot Spots, or in Location groups organised by geographical area.
Il sistema Lumen

The centralised automatic monitoring system at Guglielmo's LUMEN data centre, makes it possible to gather information, in real time, on the operating status of the appliances installed throughout the territory and hooked up to the Guglielmo Hotspots geographical network. Thanks to an alarm management system, the operations centre can respond extremely quickly and, in the event of problems, it can immediately detect the signal and all the information required for troubleshooting.

System operation is guaranteed by access via Server, the security of which is guaranteed by the leading SSL certification authority, VeriSign®. Remote access to the appliances installed is achieved through the use of VPN tunnels which provide greater stability of communication.

One of LUMEN's main characteristics is the scalability of the platform and its capacity to rapidly increase the performance of the system and the number of accounts that can be managed. Thanks to its original architecture, the LUMEN solution can be implemented parallelly on several 'Area' Servers which can interact simultaneously with the Guglielmo Web Server, thereby optimising authentication and accounting times, thanks to the homogeneous division of the accesses and the well-distributed Structure of the databases.
Data Center
All the services are provided through the Carrier Grade Data Center, one of the most advanced in Italy in terms of redundancy, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.
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All the appliances installed are constantly and remotely monitored at our internal NOC, which enables proactive verification of the functionality of the system.
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Help Desk
24H Help Desk
Round-the-clock bilingual (Italian/English) telephone help desk support is available for location owners and/or end users for all first level remote activities. The same service is linked to a ticketing platform thanks to which it is possible to register events and manage possible transmission to the second level NOC.
The complete management of logistics and also shipping status and POD (Proof of Delivery) to the customer are also managed through CRM systems.

Accounting SMS
SMS Accounting
The platform is configured as a system for the sending of professional SMS text messages with Carrier Grade service characteristics. The system uses a platform for sending the SMS text messages based on a Microsoft .NET infrastructure, and utilises a Microsoft SQL Server database.
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Single Sign-On authentication
Single Sign-On authentication
The Lumen platform makes it possible to manage SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication via the Federation of Identity Providers certified by the Public Administration, guaranteeing the possibility of combining the legitimate need to provide a secure and reliable Wi-Fi service with the aim of using the same technology to introduce members of the public to the Public Administration's e-government and informatization services.
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Registration by an operator
Registration by an operator
If an operator is available for registering users, a portal can be made available for carrying out these operations via the Internet using the H-Light® cloud platform. The appointed operator can select the account the user wishes to use, enter the user's data and then ask the system to instantly generate the valid username and password. The same account, also produced in a QR-Code format to facilitate access from a tablet and/or smartphone, is printed out using a local printer and handed over to the user.
SIM-based authentication
SIM-based authentication
The best user experience is achieved by means of a transparent authentication system, there is nothing more practical than instant access based on the user's SIM card. This new method of authentication, implemented in a specific application, is probably the most interesting development in public hotspot networks and provides internet access without the need for a username and password, requiring no kind of direct action by the user and with no specific registration process.
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Credit Card
On-Line Purchasing by Credit Card
For pay-accesses and for foreign users whose mobile phone number will not be recognised by our SMS registration system, it will nonetheless be possible to gain access to the system by purchasing by credit card via the Unicredit system.
Access via Social Networks
Access via Social Networks
The LUMEN platform makes it possible to manage Wi-Fi network access authentication using credentials which are valid for the main Social Networks. It is a very handy access regulation system, designed mainly for small hotspots (such as those in bars, restaurants, etc.). The additional value consists in the natural predisposition of the system to provide Social Marketing services, which are particularly interesting for this type of client. In particular it is possible to manage access using Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+®, Linkedin®, Microsoft® and Yahoo® credentials.
Interfacing with Management Software
Interfacing with Management Software
In all those cases in which the client has management software designed to identify his/her own clients, typically the PMS of any hotel, the platform makes it possible to manage communication between the Lumen accounting system and the management software which is meant to regulate Wi-Fi network access policies. Therefore, without having to deal directly with the management of the service, each client will be able to provide Wi-Fi access, offering his/her own users the possibility of autonomously obtaining and/or purchasing access from their own device.