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Cloud platform for using the WiFi to Business Intelligence services

This platform is a perfect example of the new SDN (Software-Defined Networking) paradigm applied to access networks and it is mainly designed for the management of the WiFi areas installed in practically any kind of chain engaged in any kind of activity (hospitality, retail, catering, etc.).
The general idea underlying the project is that it is extremely frequent to find large international groups (location owners) who have invested - even huge - sums in the creation of free access WiFi areas for the benefit of their own customers (users).

The aim of this Free Wi-Fi investment on the part of the location owner was and is, in a nutshell, to attract a larger number of users thanks to the availability of free broadband internet access, possible associated with a more or less complex authentication process, which could in some way be used as a means of marketing communication, or to collect data on the user, display publicity messages on access, during web surfing etc..
The point is that the remarkable dissemination of mobile devices has rapidly changed the habits of users, who are increasingly unwilling to tolerate registration and/or authentication processes on mobile terminals, and has led to a practically homogeneous spread of free WiFi networks even in small businesses, municipality, means of transport etc.

This has brought about what we have termed "the conflict".

On the one hand we have location owners who have invested in WiFi networks which frequently guarantee very high performance levels, both in terms of bandwidth and technological infrastructure, with the intention of increasing the number of users and developing promotional activities, which for the sake of simplicity we shall call "traditional marketing" (advertising banners, interstitial advertising, sending of emails and SMSs, etc.).

On the other hand we have users who are spoilt for choice, being able to find the exact same service virtually anywhere, so that they no longer appreciate any added value in free WiFi and, above all, they are not interested in surfing experiences other than normal access to the mobile phone network. On the contrary, they view "traditional marketing" activities on the WiFi network as a rather irritating interference.

This platform makes it possible for location owners to resolve the above-described conflict, by offering business intelligence services through their own WiFi network.